Tradition stays alive for nearly 400 years

The building which houses our town hotel was first mentioned in documents in 1635. Barely 100 years before the premises were taken over in 1958 by the family Vogt the joint heirship Ferstl’s Heirs (Ferstls Erben) laid the gastronomic foundation for the building in the Lange Zeile. In order to maintain the tradition represented by the house the new owners, Karl Vogt and his wife Christine Vogt, called their pub Ferstl-Bräu.

In 1958 Karl Vogt took over the whole Ferstls-Erben business. The first guest rooms were created and so also the new gastronomy concept for the pub. On the completion of comprehensive renovations in 1995 and 1996 the pub, Gasthof Ferstl-Bräu , was then renamed Stadthotel Erding.


A family business since 2006

A family business since 2006
In 2006 the restaurant was rented by the De Matteis family. Since then Mediterranean hospitality and cuisine enchant guests from all over the world.

In 2008 we ultimately acquired the hotel. A love of detail and quiet embellishments ensure a pleasant stay. In 2013 the first floor was renovated and in 2016 the bathrooms on the second floor were modernised.

The gastronomy is still determined by the traditional ties with the history of the building and real hospitality with a feeling for comfort, as is the Stadthotel Erding itself.